[Common for Kaijn and Budo-Centre]

Q I do not speak Japanese.  Can I join either one of Karate Clubs?

A  Not a problem at all!  Although instructions are mainly provided in Japanese, the beginners including non-native Japanese speakers have gradually learned by imitating movements of other students and instructors.  This is the fundamental approach to learn martial arts rather than receiving one-sided lecturers from instructors.  Of course, bilingual instructors and students are more than happy to assist you to solve any problems.


Q Can I enrol and join either one of Karate Clubs for a limited period of time while I stay in Japan?

A Yes, you are welcome to join us.  Please choose either one of the clubs depending on what you seek for.  Kaijin Karate Club practices Wado-ryu style karate with a strong focus on Kihon and Kata, which provides great opportunities for a complete beginner from children to adults.  Whereas Budo-Centre Karate Club accommodates any style of traditional Karate where extensive Kumite training is provided for mainly experienced students aged 16 years old or above.

However, it should be noted that you are subject to full admission fee 2,000 yen and sport insurance 1,850 yen upon admission and monthly fee of 3,000 yen is payable as you practice, all of which are not refundable at any circumstances.


Q   I can not arrive on time, is that acceptable?

 You are allowed to join in the middle of the lessons as people have their own commitment.  Members will be teaching you certain etiquette you will need to follow before joining the lesson.


Q Is family discount available?

A  Yes, if family members are enrolled, each member within a family receive 500 yen discount.


Q What should I bring to attend free trial lesson?

A  For beginners, we recommend you bring a bottle of water, loose fitting track pants, a loose tee-shirt and lots of enthusiasm!  


If you would like more information, or would just like to ask about coming to view a class, please feel free to contact us.  English inquiry is more than welcome.


[Kaijin Karate Club]

Q Can anyone practice Karate (Kumite and Kihon and so forth)?

A  Yes!  The only requirement is a discipleship commitment to train with us.  As long as the commitment is there, Karate is for everyone—regardless of age, sex, or ethnic background. Children over 6 years old can join our regular training class.


Q Do I need to be in excellent physical shape to start Karate?

A Not really.  Since karate will gradually improve your fitness as you progress, your starting point is less important than the effort you put into it along the way.  At Kaijin Karate Club, the instructions have strong focus on the basics of the movements, which should make it easy for beginners to train effectively, together with experienced individuals yet still progress at their own level of fitness and expertise.  If you are less fit, your progress at the start will simply be more moderate; as your fitness improves so will the pace at which you advance. 


Q What kind of training is involved in the regular class?

A A typical Karate practice session usually begins with a comprehensive warm-up, followed by the various training exercises.  The exercises are divided into three main categories: kihon (basic techniques), in which you learn the basic blocks, punches, kicks, stances, etc. of Karate; kata (forms), in which you practice various combinations of kihon learned; and kumite (sparring), where your kihon and kata techniques are integrated in cooperation with an opposing partner.  As your skill level increases, so will the difficulty and degree of the exercises.  Please note that Kaijin Karate Club has strong focus on Kihon and Kata, and Kumite training is only held occasionally before competition.  If you are interested more in practicing Kumite, please look for Budo-Centre Karate Club.

[Budo-Centre Karate Club]

Q What kind of training is involved?

A Budo-Centre Karate Club has a strong emphasis on free-sparring training regardless of styles, and the students are expected to have some degree of experience.  If you are beginner or strong interest in learning Wado-Ryu, we recommend you to join Kaijin Karate Club which provides traditional training focusing on Kihon and Kata under Wado-Ryu style.


Q Do you have prerequisite for students to join training at Budo-Centre Karate Club?

A Yes, Budo-Centre Karate Club puts some prerequisites including age and experience.  Firstly, you need to be 16 years old or above.  Secondly, you are required to have either around three years experience or brown belt.  Thirdly, if you are belonging to a particular club, please obtain consent from your instructor before joining us.  

If you are a complete beginner, we recommend you to join Kaijin Karate Club which provides basic training such as kihon and kata.